Explorers Swanage

Explorers Swanage

Your children’s happiness and care is of utmost importance to us and at Explorers Childcare Group we go above and beyond to create a safe and nurturing environment for your children to develop.

As part of embedding our ethos that Explorers Nursery is an extension of your family, it is very important that you feel as welcome and integrated into the nursery as the children. We hold an open door policy at all times and all you are welcome to drop in and tour the facilities and talk to our staff who are supporting our children.

Complete Childcare is offered from 0-12 years.
We are open 50 weeks of the year.

Opening Times:

7:30am to 5.00pm Mon-Thurs

8.00am-5.00pm Friday

We are closed on bank holidays, the Christmas period and one week in early August.

Day Nursery 2-5 Years

Full nursery daycare for babies from 0-2 years.

Our newly renovated room provides a calm and blissful environment for babies and toddlers. Babies can join us from birth where we have a comfortable staff ratio of 1:3. Our room allows babies to learn and play in a soothing environment which caters to their every need.

Our babies are encouraged to be freely creative and are provided with a vast range of quality materials and resources to stimulate and inspire their developing minds. We focus on supporting each individual child's well-being , developing their social, emotional and physical development through a range of sensory play and experiences.

The baby room has a safe, quiet, sleeping area where babies can rest and nap. Babies and toddlers also have direct access to our outside space which is covered in spongy playground surfacing, perfecting for those first steps and encouraging links to nature and outside play.

Preschool 2-5 Years

The activities in this room are stimulating and challenging building children's confidence and skills ready for the transition into school through a process of active learning and discovery.

There is direct access to our outside area which provides a free flow system allowing children freedom and choice about how they learn. We provide a range of stimulating activities such as woodwork, role play, cooking, craft, forest school and dancing and music. Children are provided with a range of materials and experiences both inside and out to encourage creative and critical thinking.

Participation in group activities such as circle time, yoga and singing helps to boost confidence and social skills.

Wraparound Care 2-5 Years

Childcare for all children before and after pre-school and school.

This wraparound care option includes both breakfast and afterschool clubs with drop off and pick up at Swanage Primary School and Cygnets Pre-school. Children can relax in our home from home environment and have the time and space to complete homework, play and learn.

Breakfast club includes the provision of a healthy breakfast, setting children up for a full day at pre-school or school.

Explorers Swanage

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My daughter has been attending Explorers for a year and half now. When I come and collect her, she runs away to the playroom because she wants to stay longer! When I go to work, I don't worry about her at all and look forward to hearing all abut her fun day. She clearly loves it.


I have been using Explorers for over two years and would highly recommend the service. Natasha and her staff are always friendly and professional providing flexible childcare options. The activities provided are varied, stimulating and fun. My child rarely wants to leave. 


About Us

We want to help prepare your children for their brightest future. Explorers Wraparound Childcare is leading the field of complete childcare through our dedication and commitment to all our children's needs. We offer high quality wraparound childcare and education, in a nurturing, caring, secure and stimulating environment across two sites within Swanage. Supported by highly trained staff, the focus is on the individual needs of every child, with children at the centre of everything we do. We encourage all children to reach their highest potential by offering a varied curriculum which is tailored to suit a range of needs and support each child in their development.

We know that choosing the right nursery for your child is a very personal and important decision. Explorers is here to support you and your child and to help them develop into confident and caring individuals. We create a fun, happy and nurturing environment which feels just like an extension of your own home.

We are a locally run group where children are truly at the heart of everything we do.

If you would like to know more, please do come and meet us and let us show you what we have to offer your family by completing the form found here:

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